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okk. so her name is emma. remember that. shes veryvery happy. and likes to quote things from musicals. frequently. she also finds rude words in foreign languages entertaining. she likes to be under those things.. you know..ahh.. the word escapes her sometimes.. oh that's it.. SPOTLIGHT.
Give me some Desperate Housewives. & some ANTM. & some FRIENDS. & a bit of Rent.& Devil Wears Prada. Moulin Rouge / The Notebook / Pirates. & I will be yours forever.
anything i can DANCE to.
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& that is the problem of wearing [13 May 2007|02:13pm]
shoes that are too big.
the models complain about squeezing their toes into tiny shoes; but if they'd tried running half a mile in five minutes in shoes that were too big to catch the last train home they wouldnt complain again.

my toe. is rather large. hahaaaa.

meal with old school friends last night to catch up gossip; then went to this festival thing which was good 'cept we had to leave quite early to get the train homee.
& bought a nice bag in white, cue the whole 'white is impractical' talk from mother. hahaa. oh well.

rave today was cancelled from the weather so toodling over to sian's for a RENT night to introduce it to the guys, takeaway, and conquering the realms of theatre & english revision tomorrow. whoopwhoop.
see, study leave isn't so painful.

& i give my love to everyone going through relationships / love interests with absolute WANKERS. seriously.i empathize. they are not worth the time of day.

love to aaaall.
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el fin de semana pasado [08 May 2007|04:54pm]
..estuve lleno de mucha amusante.

or words to that effect.

*will fail spanish oral*

weekend was lotsa fun; yes. that was the message i was tryingg to get across.
bought a skirt, some white shorts[atlast whoop. to go with the johnsons holiday skin methinks], some shoes, a necklace & a tshirt for not that much money at all.
oh and far too many pants. i have an addiction that needs sorting.
& it doesnt help that there is now a La Senza in Lymington *sets up camp*

Spiderman 3 was the tiniest bit cheesy. and meh.
Who says 'Wicked cool' in the same sentence?
& the press woman got the award for worst actress.
oh and it was a bit long.
but it was alriiight.

Theatre studies mock today was impossible; one essay every twenty minutes is incredibly hard. and the 40 pages of notes didn't really come in that useful in the time limit. there's me thinking it was going to be a doss.
it was torture. and my wrist is still tingling. holding a metal pen for that long; i think i actually have a radio-active hand, i kept giving people static shocks. oh dear.

& now i watch friends; before doing some english notes / spanish oral stuff / theatre notes.
french is the LEAST of my priorities.

the good news is in 2 weeks that oral will be over. and in 2 weeks and three days so will be spanish & english. with Pirates of the Carribean 3 in the evening. WHOOP.

& Hairspray out 30th June. Or is it May? Methinks June.

"See..life can be wonderful"

Toodles. MWAH.
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"mass action on selected comments.. [05 May 2007|10:03pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

..perform action"


god. i haven't grown up. whatsoever.

okk: so since i've been on here i have..
(this could be interesting)
-met idina menzel. twice. [lets hear a whoopwhoop]
-seen her perform live. which was my initial aim of last yr.
-DONE my theatre studies performance of "steel magnolias". thank fuck thats over. best play ever. but ohhh my lord could our group have GOT any more stressed. mwahahaa.
-DONE jane eyre. which was lifechanging. <3
-done belle in beauty&the beast. <3


-not grown up whatsoever.
-discovered ingenious ways of proscrastinating.
-met some new people. who rock my world.
-succeeded in making a fool of myself drunk too many times.
-crushed on far too many people.
-& lost him. to the battle he was never gonna win. but he went fighting. & bravely. and he is possibly the most inspirational person i will ever have had the honour of knowing.
-become far too much of a hypochondriac than i thought was possible.
-&&..OCD has gone to whole new heights. mwahaha.

but. with a couplaa exceptions. its been a smiley year all round.
& im happy.
& fed up of people being sad.
because, cliche as it is, ive realized, however alien some people seem, we're all actually pretty cool and shouldn't take life for granted; and we should love ourselves; & see the positive in every single freakin' situation.
except..perhaps in eating sushi in way too much wasabi source, as like..that just blows your mouth off to a whole new dimension.
its a shame; sushi is such a cool word.

talking of cool words; what the fuck is up with oxo cubes? i mean..why would you make a word, with two o's and have one of them pronounced differently to the other. inconsistent things like that, i will neverr understand. *rolls eyes*

& i have a fun weekend; coffee/lunch with my jessicaaa tomorrow. & then getting some revision done pret a les examens. &&..beach if the weathers good enough/shopping/shiiinema on monday. whoopwhoop.

okk. so im off now. to get some sleep in an attempt to reduce temperature [haaa] && suspected tonsilitis. what a desirable life i lead.


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shes back [05 May 2007|07:33pm]
so i tried to create a new account; to start afresh. and it screwed up. typical ha.
so im just using this one.
*waves to all the hotties out there*
i love y'all. & i apologise seriously for my lack of use. even though you wouldn't have been subjected to what was, looking back, a load of shiite.

so yes. im backk. & with a vengeance. oh yeah.

im rather happy atm. & this journal's gonna be full of love and happyness and everything, because thats all im focusing on right now.

& i'd be even happier if someone could remind me how to change like..the details on my layout down the side as i'm the tiniest bit lost and it hasn't been updated in far too long.

lots of love. updates soon. x
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